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School club activities offer much more than the activity itself. They enhance learning through interaction and provide a platform for students to develop their leadership and social skills. In line with this philosophy, our school has allotted two block periods per week to each class, starting from class I onwards. Our teachers have volunteered to lead the following clubs in the upcoming session 2023-24:

  • The Good Earth: Environment Club
  • Ethical Hackers: Robotics, Coding, and Programming
  • School Radio and TV
  • Innovation & Time Travel: Exploration in the field of Science, Technologies of the future
  • Photography & Film Making
  • Math’s Magic: Marvels of Mathematics including Vedic Mathematics
  • Exploring the world within: Literary activities
  • Global Harmony Club: Focus on sustainable goals, peace and harmony, and international brotherhood, while also referencing the importance of understanding history
  • Cooking Without Fire
  • Aesthetic Alliance: Incorporating art, culture, beauty, senses, and aesthetics.