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Career Counselling & Guidence Cell

We have collaborated with experienced professionals and dynamic corporate leaders who will serve as mentors, guides, and advisors to our students from an early stage, directing them towards their chosen career paths. This new initiative is the Career Counseling and Guidance Cell, which is expected to become one of the school's most active departments. Its main objective is to create a dynamic platform that caters to the career guidance and counseling needs of our learners. The goal of the cell is to assist students in developing the skills necessary to make critical career decisions and provide career-related resources that foster holistic growth across all streams. These resources will include a comprehensive overview and a proper timeline structure of specific courses related to different domains.

To ensure that our students receive the best support, the cell will be staffed with full-time trained counselors who will be available to assist the children. Here are some of the activities that the cell will undertake:

- We will conduct standardized tests, both in-house and through external faculty, to map the aptitude of each child based on their interests, aspirations, and needs.
- At the beginning of each session, we will set goals with a focus on the final aim of life.
- We will maintain separate records for each and every child to track their progress.
- There will be regular interaction among all stakeholders to ensure that everyone is on the same page.
- We will arrange for expert advice from time to time, as needed.