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Platinum Valley International School

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“As a school community, we strive to nurture a new generation of compassionate, motivated, and brilliant individuals. Our commitment to academic excellence is matched by a sincere dedication to caring for one another and upholding strong values. We encourage each other to pursue our passions, explore our curiosity, and deepen our commitment, while striving to Be greater.”

Come and be a part of our vibrant academic community, driven by a shared set of values and a steadfast commitment to providing your entire family with a world-class education. Our dedicated team approaches every task with an unwavering passion, actively engaging with each other and the wider community. With a discerning eye for innovation and a thoughtful approach to nurturing young minds, our team operates with unparalleled excellence, striving always to exceed expectations and reach new heights of achievement. Join us and experience a transformative journey of learning, growth, and discovery, all guided by our unwavering dedication to your family’s success.

Several Facets of Learning for Students

Platinum Valley International School prioritizes the holistic development of students through curricular and co-curricular activities that nurture cognitive, affective, behavioural, and physical domains. The school's approach encourages critical thinking, creativity, self-regulation, empathy, teamwork, communication, and physical well-being, preparing students for responsible global citizenship.

  • Innovative Learning

    We foster innovative learning by integrating advanced technology, tailored curriculums, and teamwork-centered activities. Our skilled educators utilize contemporary methods to accommodate diverse learning styles. Through project-based learning, students cultivate creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration while addressing real-world challenges, preparing for future achievements.

  • Life Skills Enhancement Programme

    We prioritize life skill enhancement, equipping students with essential abilities for success beyond the classroom. Our unique, creative programs promote critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, and collaboration. This holistic approach fosters personal growth, resilience, and adaptability, making our students well-rounded, confident individuals prepared for life's challenges.

  • Social Skill Programme

    We offer a unique, creative Social Skill Program designed to develop students' interpersonal abilities. Our curriculum fosters empathy, effective communication, conflict resolution, and teamwork. By cultivating these essential skills, we empower students to build strong relationships and navigate social settings with confidence, preparing them for life's diverse challenges.

  • Student-Centered Approach

    We have adopted a unique, creative student-centered approach, focusing on individual needs and learning styles. Our skilled educators promote active participation, collaboration, and self-discovery, empowering students to excel. This tailored method nurtures academic success, personal growth, and confidence, preparing students for accomplishments in their future endeavours.

  • Global Perspective

    We have cultivated a global perspective, fostering cultural awareness and empathy through our unique, creative curriculum. Students explore diverse perspectives, engage in cross-cultural collaborations, and develop critical thinking skills. This approach equips our students with a broader worldview, preparing them to thrive as adaptable, open-minded global citizens.

  • Adolescent Education Programme

    We offer unique, creative Adolescent Education Programme, addressing the distinct needs of young learners. Our comprehensive curriculum emphasizes personal development, social skills, and decision-making abilities, fostering a supportive environment for growth and self-discovery. This tailored approach empowers adolescents to navigate life's challenges with confidence and resilience.

  • Co-Curricular Activities

    We provide a diverse range of unique, creative extracurricular activities, nurturing students' talents and interests beyond academics. Our engaging programs promote teamwork, self-expression, and personal growth, empowering students to explore passions and develop new skills. These enriching experiences foster well-rounded individuals, prepared for future success.

  • Community Involvement

    We emphasize community development through unique, creative initiatives that foster civic responsibility and empathy. Our students engage in meaningful projects, addressing local challenges and promoting positive change. This hands-on approach empowers learners to become compassionate, proactive citizens, contributing to a stronger, more vibrant community.

Scholastic Programme

The scholastic programme is centered around the scholastic subjects offered by the International Boards. In addition to that, a comprehensive Reading Programme is also a part of the Scholastic programme.

Holistic Well-being Programme

Our carefully conceptualised Holistic Wellbeing Programme ensures that young minds build not only their physical but also their mental immunity to thrive in life with utmost joy. Resilience-building practices, meditation and yoga are blended with the prestigious SEEL curriculum prescribed by his holiness the Dalai Lama. The programme is vital for children, especially keeping in mind the contemporary and future world, and is central to the LEEP model. It focuses on nurturing compassionate, kind and ethical young learners.

Community Programme

It's often said that, as educators we should aim towards building socially responsible, environmentally conscious global citizens. However, to essentially make this a reality, we need to realise that the above qualities are found in people who feel that the world is one big family, one single community. Our Community Programme aims to help children develop an understanding and ownership towards the world community as a whole by engaging them in practical community building activities to address both local as well as global issues.

Makers Programme

The ability and desire to create and make is innate and universal. However, the process of growing up can often result in adults who believe they don't have a creative bone in their body, nor the ability to make or deal with complex artifacts and knowledge systems. Our Makers Programme is intended to counter this tendency and embed the makers' belief deep within learners. It includes Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Carpentry, Aeromodelling, Astronomy and Robotics, making these alluring fields more accessible than ever before.

Social Skills Programme

Some of the most crucial life skills are the most abstract and intangible ones. Knowing how to work in a team, for example, or have a difficult conversation. Or, for that matter, being able to save money. Through our Social Skills Programme we nurture the indispensable skills and values of Collaboration, Team building, Leadership, Communication, Entrepreneurship, Courage and Conviction, through an activity based approach.

Visual Arts & Performing Arts Programme

Visual Arts and Performing Arts have proven to be one of the most vital domains for children to develop creativity, verbal and physical skills, logical and intuitive thinking, interpersonal skills and spatial, rhythmic, visual and kinesthetic awareness. In lieu of this, at Learners we offer a meticulously designed VA & PA curriculum, which holds space for learners to pursue art forms at length if they�re so inclined. LEEP allows our learners to pick from an array of arts like theatre, dance, sound, sculpting, cinematography, photography, graphic designing, and animation.

Fitness & Sports Programmes

Now more than ever, with increased screen-time, physical wellbeing of children has taken a back seat. To ensure that our children develop a lifelong love for fitness and sports, we intend to make fitness a lifestyle for our young learners by treating it at par with standard scholastic subjects. The curriculum has been carefully crafted and delivered in a joyful and stress-free manner by highly trained coaches. This is aided by a world class infrastructure including an indoor sports arena, half-olympic sized swimming pool, cricket pitches, interactive splash pad, jungle gym and soccer field.

Why Choose Us?


As we venture forth into the endless expanse of time, it is imperative that we grasp the notion that we are all in this together. The theme “Let’s embark together towards tomorrow” serves as a poignant reminder of the significance of collaboration and unity in traversing the uncharted waters of the future. By rallying together towards a shared vision, we can pave the way for a brighter tomorrow, not just for ourselves, but also for the generations to come.

Progressive INGENUITY

Platinum Valley International School aims to cultivate an atmosphere of & “progressive ingenuity” which reflects our dedication to imaginative thinking, driven by a passion for exploration and a profound aspiration to make a constructive difference in the world. This vision encompasses the art of envisioning the improbable, the science of transforming concepts into actuality, and the humanity of devising solutions that are both socially responsible and sustainable. By adhering to the principle of “progressive ingenuity”; we strive to equip our students with the tools to expand the limits of what is feasible, and create a brighter tomorrow for themselves and future generations.


Platinum Valley International School aims to nurture Student’s; unique strengths and areas for growth through a personalized learning experience. The school offers a tailored. curriculum, individualized attention, and diverse learning opportunities to promote each student’s academic proficiency. By doing so, the school seeks to prepare students for success. in their future academic and professional endeavours.


“We ignite each student’s passion for learning “by providing a nurturing and stimulating environment. Through personalized attention, customized programs, and diverse learning opportunities, we strive to empower our students to pursue their interests, discover their talents, and excel in their academic and personal pursuits.

Embrace the Power of RELATIONSHIPS

Our school’s commitment to prioritizing the power of relationships are reflected in our nurturing and inclusive community. By recognizing the importance of human connections, we aim to inspire students to form meaningful bonds with their peers, educators, and support staff. Our family-oriented approach not only provides quality education. but also emphasizes building strong relationships with students & families, creating a supportive community that fosters growth and success for all.

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