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Radio Roar

We are excited to announce a new and innovative initiative at our institution - "The School Radio;. We believe that incorporating novel ideas in our daily routine can bring out the best in our students and the institution. To enhance our students; communication skills, public speaking abilities, and team-building capabilities, we launched Radio Roar - an in-house broadcast channel in February. This has not only provided a platform for our students to showcase their talents but has also introduced them to the world of electronic media, broadening their career prospects.To further improve this initiative, we are developing a full-fledged recording studio with the latest equipment and acoustic fittings. Radio programs presented by our students are currently being played during lunch periods in school. In the upcoming session, we plan to stream these programs on our schools YouTube channel and introduce regular podcasts. We are excited to witness our students; talents and creativity come to life through this platform. We believe that this initiative will foster a dynamic learning environment, promote student participation, and bring forth a new dimension to the school experience. The aim of Radio Roar at VBS is to entertain, educate, spread awareness/information, and provide an ideal platform for our students to showcase their talents. Since its launch, Radio Roar has been received with great enthusiasm by our students. Many have performed and showcased their talents in singing, quizzing, and oratory skills. The entertainment factor of Radio Roar not only attracted listeners but also motivated many students who were hesitant to come forward and perform. This has paved the way for much-needed refinement in their personas, boosting their confidence levels. We invite you to embrace the wavelengths that Radio Roar promises and create opportunities for our students to perform, shine, and become confident young individuals. Together, let us foster a dynamic learning environment for our students and strive for their holistic development.