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Child Support Program

Research has revealed that almost 2% of children face various learning and/or behaviour challenges. If left unnoticed, such issues can have a profound impact on a child's personality and growth. In recognition of this fact, our school is launching a 'Child Support Plan' (CSP) to provide additional support and care to students who require it by modifying the curriculum. We are committed to working with these students to understand them better and help them achieve success in education and participation. To achieve this goal, any information that you may share with us would be invaluable! Please do not hesitate to communicate any difficulties or other relevant information that you believe may benefit the child. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact the relevant authorities. We are pleased to announce that our school has qualified and experienced special educators who will provide personalized care to children with special needs. With this new initiative, we are committed to ensuring that every child at our school receives the attention and support they require to succeed.