5 School Reviews Prove Why VBS Offers a Fantastic and Life-Changing Learning Experience

What’s the best way to tell a great school from a bad one? School reviews from the parents.

Creating and supporting 21st century learners takes precise planning, dedicated perseverance, vision, strategy, and execution. We are proud to be a diverse, student centered, socially engaged school offering a high-value education. We know that we transform and change lives and that our students succeed as they are among the best.

Vidya Bharati School is committed to provide quality education, engaging students in multifarious activities for their holistic development and exposing them to learning beyond books.

Most people- teachers, students, and parents alike- have difficulty agreeing on what makes a good school. What should a school “be”? Do?

Of course, there are various parameters at play. No isolated yardsticks can tell the complete tale of a school.

Here’s a controversial fact. Students do not make a school great. It’s true. Students are students. Kids don’t make a school great because they are already curious and playful.

However, all great schools share a common trait: The parents are happily engaged with the school’s style of nurturing their kids, and the students want to be there.

Here are some school reviews that are testament to our innovative learning methods.

Vidya Bharati School Reviews From Parents

1.Name of the student  : Simran Sachdeva, Class & Section : X-B
Name of the Parent  : Mrs. Neelam
Years Of Academic Association – 10 Years

We feel proud to be a part of an institution which bagged the prestigious award for being the “Best School of Ghaziabad”. My children who are the students of this school are excelling in every sphere and I have no doubt about their bright future. Teachers at Vidya Bharati are very hardworking, sincere and laborious and are developing the confidence and thinking abilities of the students. Olympiad and other examinations develop their attitude to compete. I wish Vidya Bharati the very best for its future endeavours.

2.Name of the student : Tanya Dwivedi, Class & Section : X-A
Name of the Parent : Mr. Vinod Kumar Dwivedi
Years Of Academic Association – 8 Years

I have been attached with this school for the past seven years and witnessed the progress of school in the past few years. The school has stressed on the security of the children wherein security forces along with the CCTV cameras are installed everywhere. The school aimed at providing the best education to their students. The staff is well qualified and hardworking and is dedicated to giving excellent results.

3.Name of the student : Shourya Jain, Class : IVB
Name of the Parent : Mrs. Dimple Jain
Years Of Academic Association – 5 Years

V.B.S. provides a structured platform to nurture the innate talents of our children in a very careful and progressive manner. The staff here is very good and approachable. Parents are updated on a regular basis about the progress of their wards. Teachers here are willing to discuss any concern regarding the betterment of the student in a very supportive and caring way. Various activities, clubs and competitions give exposure to the children and make them confident. Regular Parents’ orientation programmes are being organized to make the Parent aware about the changing study pattern.

4.Name of the student  : Dhruvi Kalra, Class & Section :  Grade IV-B
Name of the Parent : Mrs. Ekta Kalra
Years Of Academic Association – 4 Years

We are totally satisfied with the school and its pattern of education. The supportive and caring teachers, plethora of extra –curricular activities and abundance of opportunities and facilities at Vidya Bharati School have opened the doors for a better future for our child. I am thankful to the teachers for their constant support in promoting the creativity of my daughter.

These are just some examples of how our school ratings among parents is sky-high. You can read a comprehensive report of parents’ feedback here.

School Ratings and Awards

With school reviews that are so positive, it is no surprise that VBS has won countless laurels and awards over the years.

In the last two years, we have won the SOE Global Award for Best Sports Facilities in Delhi/ NCR. We’ve been honoured with the tag of the Best Co-Educational School Award in Ghaziabad by the Brand Achiever’s Survey. Also, the Times School Survey 2019 declared Vidya Bharati School as among the top 10 schools of Ghaziabad Zone.


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