How to Beat Exam Stress: 5 Research Backed Tips

Sometimes a little exam stress can be a good thing: it can be the motivational push that we need to get things done.

But, understandably, exams can be super stressful. Sometimes no matter how hard you try to keep your cool, things get on top of you.exam stress-Backed Tips

Why is it essential to beat exam stress?

Science suggests that when we’re stressed, our brains release high levels of cortisol. Cortisol clouds the way we think by getting in the way of rational thoughts. This means stressing is likely to lead to you performing less well on exam day than if you were relatively nonchalant.

Taking steps to relax will boost your productivity, help you retain more of the information you take in, and help you avoid a mental burnout. Wins all round!

Here are some handy tips that can help to dissipate stress and make sure you can get through exam season.

1. Take regular breaks

Spending a little time away from the books will leave you feeling more refreshed and relaxed the next time you revise. No matter how intense your exam timetables are, they will always allow a little time for a study break. You can aim to take 20-minute breaks during your revision day, and longer activities that you can look forward to. Go out with friends, watch a fun movie, attend a show, anything that will help you take your mind off exams.

2. Get some sunlight every day

Research suggests that the natural chemical, serotonin, creates a sense of well-being and helps your brain to function at peak capacity. A good way to increase your serotonin levels is to increase your exposure to sunlight. Anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes of sunlight per day will help to keep your serotonin levels in the healthy range.

3. Reduce your phone usage

Did you ever realize mobile phones cause stress?

Research shows that overuse of mobile phones not only leads to stress but could also have a negative impact on your mental health.  What can you do?

Turn off social media notifications. Or better yet check your social media feeds just once or twice a day. Put your phone on airplane mode or switch it off after 9pm.

4. Stay Healthy

Is there anything more stressful than writing an exam? Yes!

Writing an exam when you’re sick. While you can’t protect yourself from every bacterium or virus out there, there are a few simple things you can do to boost your chances of staying healthy. Eat healthy and limit your caffeine intake. Sugary snacks will give you a quick burst of energy, but it won’t last the day. Same with the caffeine, too much will only add to your feelings of anxiety. Plus, it will prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep!

5. Make yourself a revision timetable

Taking a bit of time to get yourself organized will make you feel more confident for exams.

Making a timetable of your study plans, keeping a revision schedule and writing to-do lists each day will keep you prepared. Additionally, they will keep you on track to getting everything done – and on time.

Working out a daily routine and sticking to it is also good for the soul, as you’ll feel a lot more in control of how your day pans out. Remember to factor in regular breaks (we recommend at least 10 minutes every hour and a half or so, if not more) as these will do you wonders.

Good luck!

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